This is just more proof to me that Charlottetown NEEDS a doom metal band.


There’s so much good doom metal coming out these days. Really stoked for Apostle of Solitude’s next album.


Working on learning this one. Such an awesome band.


This dude covers a crapton of awesome doom and stoner tunes. His solo in this is particularly great.


Wow, this band is apparently ridiculously awesome live too.



Elder White Walls



Head to the website for news on incoming releases from End Reign, Iron Witch and Below The Fall. Let It Die and Black Veins are joining the crue, and we’re distributing the Mage EP and Live Evil ‘Volume One’ Double Vinyl LP Compilation

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leighsus replied to your photo: Please pick and choose who you illegally download,…

Hahah, yeah, about that. Check your emails! Boy do I feel stupid!

Not a problem, reply sent!


My thoughts on downloading music


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A good read and I pretty much agree completely. Now to find out if Groan have shirts…


Going to listen to as much awesome metal as I can today, so as to be appropriately pumped to see 3 Inches of Blood tonight.

Doom Lessons?

Anyone know of any online guitar or bass lessons for doom metal? I’ve found a few so far, just looking for as much as possible. I prefer stuff like these, but will take whatever I can get:

If anyone out there has anything to send along, thanks in advance!



Download Batillus’s new LP Furnace here.

Highly recommend this one!